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Want to Become a TUTOR with Our Company?

Do you enjoy working with local students in a one-on-one teaching environment, outside of a classroom setting? Are you tired of searching for students and would prefer having us find plenty of students for you instead? Do you prefer tutoring students who have their own homework, coursework, worksheets, test prep guides, etc., instead of infiltrating students with some major tutoring agency’s non-specific instructional materials? Would you like to make your own hours, tutor only the subjects and age-levels that you’re comfortable teaching, and earn one of the highest hourly rates in your local city or town? Then *The Find a Tutor Network* might be the perfect part-time job for you!


*The Find a Tutor Network* specializes in one-on-one tutoring for students in grades K-12, or at the college level. As a nationwide company with a large presence in more than 2300+ cities in all 50 states, we are constantly in need of experienced, intelligent, and personable tutors who demonstrate an enthusiasm for the subjects they teach. Currently we are looking for tutors in all subject areas, including mathematics, science, reading, writing, history, social science, and the foreign languages. Tutors are encouraged to offer their services in more than one subject area. Qualified tutors shall provide individualized, one-on-one homework support, test preparation, and general help in the student’s course(s) of concern. Because *The Find a Tutor Network* specializes in helping students succeed in their specific coursework, no additional instructional materials are required upon the tutor’s arrival to the student’s home.


  • No prior tutoring experience is required.  That being said however, we urge tutors to conduct their tutoring sessions ONLY in the subjects and age-levels where they feel comfortable.  Otherwise the tutoring process will be short-lived for obvious reasons.
  • Tutors must be passionate about teaching, possess strong communication skills, and have an ability to motivate struggling students.
  • Tutors must be highly committed to working with student’s from all backgrounds and skill levels.
  • Tutorial sessions most often take place Monday through Friday between 4:00pm and 9:00pm for K-8 students, while for high school and college-level students scheduling times may be more flexible. Additionally tutoring sessions may be scheduled on weekends. Please realize that tutors need not be available for ALL of these time periods; but the more flexible you are, the more tutoring sessions you will be able to provide to our students.


  • Hourly Tutoring Salary:   $25-$55+/hour
  • Tutoring sessions are usually one-hour in length, starting from when the books open, and finishing when the books close, unless of course both the tutor and the parent/student decide the tutoring session should last longer. Tutors will rarely have to travel more than 0-10 miles en route to their tutoring location. Tutors with vehicles may decide to travel longer distances if that is their preference.  A vehicle is not required however. Tutors are paid on an hourly basis, and salary depends on one’s educational level and teaching experience. Tutors are allowed to set their own hourly rates, and they may tutor as often as they would like.


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