Find a Tutor in Your Area!

For those students who are struggling in school and require the help of an outside tutor, *The Find a Tutor Network* believes that the best way for a student to achieve academic success is through the use of a one-on-one tutor who can sit down with the student on a regular basis and consistently help the student with his or her studies. A good rapport between tutor and student makes the tutoring sessions more productive and more fun.

*The Find a Tutor Network* recognizes that in order for a student to feel comfortable enough to improve his or her grades, it is essential for the tutor and the student to be a good “match.” Therefore we leave it up to the parents and/or students to locate their tutor of choice — who better than the parents / students to be the judge of “what will work” and “what won’t work” for the specific student and the specific type of tutoring that’s going to take place?

Here are 4 reasons why THOUSANDS of parents & students use our services every month to quickly search and find tutors in their local area.

1. CONVENIENCE: With locations in more than 2300+ cities nationwide, all tutoring sessions take place in facilities that are very close to where YOU live, at a time of day that is convenient for YOU.

2. PERSONALIZATION: Our tutors are patient, caring, and knowledgeable individuals who specialize in working with students in their specific courses of concern. Nowadays students have plenty of their own study materials — No outside “study guides” or “supplemental materials” are ever introduced.

3. SUCCESS: Most parents and students who search and find tutors via *The Find a Tutor Network* experience improved overall grades, better exam and quiz scores, and an overall increase in the student’s academic self-confidence.

4. SERVICE: Your specific 1-on-1 tutor is your resource for all your academic needs. He or she will be conferring with you (or the parents) at both the start and conclusion of each tutoring session. There’s no “middleman” (i.e. large Tutoring Agency) to fumble around with the finances and screw things up — direct contact with the tutor is the best way to keep the lines of communication open; and parents / students pay the tutor directly!

Contact *The Find a Tutor Network* today to set up a tutoring appointment as early as tomorrow, or even later today!